Thursday, July 07, 2005

A New Life

Its funny how you shelter yourself from things that are happening outside of your comfort zone. This January I was introduced to an African who helped me understand that there are people just like me across the Atlantic. He also opened my eyes to the issues that the continent of Africa deals with everyday. I did not realize that 30,000 children in Africa die every three seconds everyday due to extreme poverty. I never realized just how much debt the continent is facing. with the approaching days of the G8 Summit, I can only hope that they make the right decisions. I saw a sign during the Live 8 Concert that read..."No one in the 21st century should go hungry." That really made me think of how fortunate I am to be able to eat whenever I want and never wonder where my next meal will come from. My African friend, visiting and watching the Live 8 Concert, I has made me become more aware of myself and the things that are happening in a land not that far from mine. Maybe at one point in my life I would only be able to weep tears of sorrow for these suffering, yet strong individuals. But today after sitting through 8 hours of live performances by Pink Floyd, Madonna, Kanye West, and many others, I realized that I too can make a difference just by using my voice. I am going to makit it my goal to help Sir Bob Geldolf and the advocates of get the message across the nation...perhaps the world...that something can be done to help the millions of people who are suffering. I as an individual will try to spread the concept that POVERTY MUST END NOW!!! So I would like to thank my beloved friend from Africa, Sir Bob Geldolf, Live 8 Concert and for making me a better person and for opening my eyes to becoming more aware of global issues.


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